Why buy a labrador puppy from reputable breeder?


Where to get your new lab puppy

Why buy a labrador puppy from reputable breeder? Why does it matter? The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds due to their gentle, outgoing, intelligent, and loving nature. This medium-to-large dog was specifically bred to be a friendly companion as well as a devoted worker. They are frequently used for canine assignments such as assistance and rescue jobs. The Labrador retriever is also a common choice for a family dog due to their loving, obedient, and bubbly nature. Unfortunately, the rising demand for Lab puppies in recent years, has created an environment for unreliable breeders to enter the market. Buying a lab puppy from a reputable breeder is incredibly important. It is the only way to  eliminate any further health and temperament issues which can be horrible for both the owner and the dog.

The benefits of purebred Lab puppies

It is undeniable that dogs are beneficial for overall human health. They are proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels, lower heart rate, ease loneliness, and even encourage exercise. It is no doubt that any dog deserves a chance to live a fulfilling life regardless of their breed or the absence of one. It has been proven that purebred animals are more predictable and have a lower chance to develop health issues compared to mixed breed ones. This makes them a better companion for experienced and inexperienced owners alike.

Getting a purebred Labrador retriever puppy ensures that your four-legged friend has a reliable pedigree. Lab puppies coming from a pure bloodline provides the owner with realistic expectations in terms of the adult dog’s appearance, temperament, and characteristics. Through careful selection of the puppy’s parents, certified kennels make sure that the dam and the sire have gone through numerous genetic and behavioral tests. These provide the offspring with their best chance of being healthy. Selecting a purebred Labrador assures that the first and most important step of getting a new family member has been taken care of. It is a requirement for breeders to fulfill the criteria of testing the animals beforehand.

The benefits of reputable breeders

Since the Labrador retriever is a common breed, the demand for such dogs is increasing along with the number of breeders. It is crucial to buy a Labrador puppy from a reputable breeder. Several factors indicate if the Lab puppy breeder is reputable. It is your responsibility to do some research on the kennel prior to getting one.

The first thing to research is the breeder’s status with the American Kennel Club AKC. Are they an AKC Breeder of Merit? Do they have the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. award from the AKC? It is a good way to start if you are unsure if the lab breeder of your choice is a reliable one. It is recommended to also read the reviews of the kennel. After you have checked if the parents are registered and if the breeder is trustworthy and safe you should contact the breeder. Good breeders have many candidates for their upcoming puppies. Contacting them will provide more details on the process of how to buy a lab puppy.

A huge benefit of buying from a reputable breeder is the contract. The kennel normally has a return policy as well as a health guarantee. This means that reliable sellers offer a guarantee that the puppy is free of serious disease. Getting such a guarantee is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer and it proves that the breeder cares about the dog as much as the new owner. In addition to a health certification, breeders are required to also deworm the animal and the first mandatory vaccine.

Compared to irresponsible sellers, who mostly breed dogs for profit rather than quality, reputable breeders care for the animal’s best interest. For this reason, it is a good idea to visit the kennel and to check the conditions in which the animals are being raised which speaks enough by itself about the quality of the kennel. Many breeders don’t allow in person visits because they breed out of their home but do offer virtual visits. The most reputable lab breeders have live streams on YouTube to constantly view them. When you visit make sure to ask a lot of questions. A responsible breeder will be happy to answer all of them and will have a deep knowledge on any requested topic. A trustworthy breeder wants to meet the potential owner in advance to determine if he or she will take appropriate care of the dog. Most breeders will not allow visitors when they have puppies whelping to prevent introducing diseases before they’re vaccinated. Plan your visit well in advance

Finding the perfect Lab puppy to fit your familyHappy chocolate lab puppy

Another important aspect of buying from an ethical breeder is the fact that you can get directed to the exact puppy that fits your personal needs. Perhaps you want a playful and active dog that will accompany you to your everyday outdoor exercises? Or maybe you need a calmer one since it fits your lifestyle better? Make sure to communicate your preferences to the breeder. Reliable lab breeders will help you choose the right lab puppy. The puppies must stay with their mom for the first two months of their life to avoid premature socialization. During this time, the breeder will observe and draw conclusions on each puppy’s temperament and behavior and will be able to help you chose the right dog based on their observations.

Labradors are perfect for anyone searching for a loyal friend. It does not matter if you are a big family in need of a four-legged addition or if you’re flying solo. Labrador retrievers have an incredibly outgoing and intelligent nature, making them a marvelous choice of companions. Nevertheless, being responsible for the dog is obligatory for not only new owners but breeders as well. The many benefits of buying a Lab puppy from a trustworthy breeder ensure the owner that their new “paw-some” friend is genetically healthy, predicting potential temperament characteristics and eliminating future behavioral and physical disabilities. Frequent interaction, contract, and certifications as well as quality kennel conditions are all indications that the Labrador breeder is reputable and will take good care of the puppy during their first two months. These are known as the most important period of their life.

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