Gifts for Dogs and dog owners

These are recommended products that they have personally used. These gifts for dogs and dog owners are the best of the best.

Recommended Products for your Labrador

Crate Training

We recommend the midwest 42" crate with two doors.  The doors are on the end and side so it can be positioned anyway you need. It comes with a divider so the crate will work for the life of your dog.   They also make beds that fit inside and covers to make your dog feel more secure in his cave.

Food and treats

We use Diamond Naturals Large breed puppy.  We have searched Chewy's, Petsmart, Petco and Tractor Supply and they all have the same price.  With Amazon Prime you get it delivered free for the same price.

Flea and Tick

We use and recommend K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus. They are monthly topically applied flea and tick preventive.  They work very well and we've never had a problem with either fleas or ticks.  There are 3 sizes of both.  Each pack has multiple months.   We just put the date on our phone calendar and it reminds us so we never miss it.  We now buy the same thing as Frontline plus called ZoGuard plus at Costco for $20 for 6 months, its located in the dog food aisle. 


Fun  Accessories